Sexual predators crimes often make headlines but there is an ordinary paedophilia, silent and much more widespread.
– It is estimated that nearly 1% of men are attracted by children. But between abstinent paedophiles and sexual predators, there is a wide variety of expressions of paedophilia.
– This is a public health problem: there are near 40 sexual aggressions against minors per day in France.
– In France, a 1998 law establishes that serious sex offenders have to receive a medical treatment, this is the Medical Care Injunction Principle (“Principe de l’Injonction de Soins”).

The data:
– 9 times out of 10, sexual abuses are not reported to authorities.
– 7 to 10% of paedophiles are women.
– 10 to 15% of abusers commit a second or a subsequent offence after the term of his sentence (recidivist).
– 30% of paedophiles were victims during their childhood.
– 10% of paedophiles undergo chemical solution (chemical castration).
– Risks of committing a second offence after the term of the sentence.
– 10% of failure for the care.
– 14,796 rapes and sexual assaults against minors in 2012 in France.
– In over 30 years, a 40% increase in the sentences longer than 10 years.
– 15% of the teenagers under the age of 15 years old have received sexual solicitations on Internet.
– 750,000 online sexual predators in the world.
– 200 new photos on 4 million porn sites per day.
– 7% of rapes are reported.
– 20% of the population would have suffered something…
– 84% of the victims are obliged to see frequently their abuser.
– 70% of parents wait for evidence before to alert the authorities.
– 1 out of 2 victims has an addictive conduct.
– 4 out of 10 victims attempt to commit suicide.
– 1 out of 5 girls is raped.
– 1 out of 13 boys is raped.
– A sexual assault can cause a loss of 20 years of life expectancy.
– In France, 155,000 children are rape or attempted rape victims.
– 4 million of incest victims = 6% of the French population.
– 20% of women are sexually assaulted during their childhood.
– 5 to 10% of men are sexually assaulted during their childhood.
– 1 out of 4 abusers is minor.
– In 94% of cases, the abuser is part of the close circle.
– 56% of victims declare that they did not tell anything at the time of commission of the offence.